Dorma-bungalows take the traditional single-floor home and add upstairs rooms, but for a growing family they offer little in the way of large communal spaces and utility areas for features like home offices.
Our client had this very issue with their dorma bungalow in Formby, Merseyside. In an area that included villa-style housing, it seemed feasible to them that a well-designed replacement would be in keeping with the surroundings, yet give the family the modern living space it needed.
Matthew Jones Architects agreed, and took on the project to demolish the dorma bungalow and replace it with a modern, five-bedroom home.
Planning policy defines that new development should be of high quality inclusive design and layout and be informed by its wider context, neighbouring buildings and landscape of the wider locality.
So we designed a high quality dwelling to add character and distinctiveness to the area.
The approved design has two distinct blocks, the juxtaposition of which creates an exciting and dynamic building. A transparent link between the blocks is the hub of the home and acts as a central core. The link is reinforced with a central stone intervention that dissects the two blocks, reinforcing a linkage between the front and rear external spaces.
The primary living spaces such as kitchen/family room and dining/living rooms are on the ground floor at the rear, facing the garden away from the railway line for both noise and privacy reasons.
The selection of building materials, including white render, stone and zinc, reflects the vernacular colours of the surrounding buildings and surrounding landscape, and helps absorb the development into both the immediate and wider landscape context. The stone wall intervention also makes a connection with the natural landscape.
The project shows that it may not always be necessary to move home to find the space you need. House remodelling or even demolition and rebuild can deliver extra or more flexible space suitable for extended families and/or modern living.
Whatever the size or scope of your project, Matthew Jones Architects can add value to your home transforming a living space to make it more suitable for you.