Latest house design, Conwy, North Wales

The proposals show a new modern detached two storey dwelling . We have designed an open plan modern two story house that steps with the rising topography thus minimising the amount of cut and fill required.
We have adopted a more traditional form of building working within the levels of the site. The design has therefore responded to the sites natural gradients. In this way, the building will sit more comfortably and co-exist in a more natural relationship with its environs. Emphasis has been placed on ensuring the dwelling sits within the sites topography and does not dominate or affect the amenity of the adjacent property.
The main living spaces such as living, dining and kitchen are located on the ground floor arranged around a central feature staircase with a free flowing open plan arrangement, each having large generous windows looking out to the views either to the west over towards sychnant pass or north over the Conwy estuary. First floor accommodation comprises the dormant spaces such as bedroom again with large windows taking in the views as described.
We have adopted a contemporary style of architecture and materials rather than a pastiche style so there is a clear difference between the idiom of the adjacent house and new building and our proposals so that they enhance each other through their contrasting styles but tied together through their materials.
The building is uncomplicated in its form and fenestration with contemporary detailing around the eaves, windows and entrance. The building will have a traditional high pitched roof with a generous eaves overhang to assist with solar shading on the west and north facing facades supported with large feature beams to express the roof eaves detail. Materials include a fresh mixture of facing brick, render, hardwood rain screen cladding and grey powder coated aluminum windows.

The proposals will be submitted to the local planning authority soon…….