Building contracts update

Are you up to date with the latest building contracts available for your building project?

Much of what happens in the building industry isn’t recorded, agreed or placed within a fair contractual framework. While a verbal contract may be convenient, it is worth noting that if trouble hits, a verbal agreement offers no protection at all.
Good contracts such as JCT and RIBA contracts are as helpful to all concerned and that’s why it is good business practice to enter into a formal contract that covers in detail all the key parts of a building project.
The RIBA has launched a simple, all-inclusive and legally acceptable contract solution for all types of non-commercial work, including renovations, extensions, maintenance and new buildings.

The RIBA Domestic Building Contract is endorsed by the HomeOwners Alliance.
Key improvements in the new RIBA Building Contract are :

-Allows effective collaboration between the client/employer and contractor
-Facilitates good management of the project from start to completion
-Fair and equitable terms for all parties
-Provides an effective way of managing payments to the contractor
-Flexible payment options
-Flexibility to propose suppliers and sub-contractors
-Provides a straightforward method for dealing with changes to the project within specified timescales
-Option for completion in stages
-Comprehensive insurance provisions
-Terms are compliant with the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations for consumer clients
-The new RIBA Building Contracts were launched on 5 November and are available in both print and online formats at

Which ever type of contract you choose to enter in to , make sure it covers what you need to protect your self and your builder from any disputes that may arise.

If unsure, we can help you decide to best contract to suit your building project.